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Brod Moravice features wonderful natural surroundings. The beautiful view of river Kupa valley will leave no one indifferent. Two well known belvederes above the river Kupa canyon provide for magnificent views of neighboring Slovenia and great part of Gorski kotar region: Špičasti vrh and Medveja stena. From Parag hill located next to Kuti village, the Alps can be seen in clear weather. Aside from the above mentioned features, nature-lovers will also find many rare mountain plants growing in the surrounding meadows: red lilies, daffodils, hollies and many others, while in river Kupa valley there are various colorful butterflies. Mountaineers and nature-lovers, come and see for yourselves that the above facts are true, discover and explore this beautiful area!

Brod Moravice district is situated in the north eastern part of Primorsko-goranska county and in the north of Gorski kotar region, at 560 meters above sea level. It is located 80 kilometers away from Zagreb, and 50 kilometers from Rijeka. This area still remains somewhat unexplored, and yet, due to its history and many scattered hamlets, it is very interesting. By the number of inhabitants, this is the smallest, but at the same time the oldest district of Gorski kotar. In a relatively big area of 62 square kilometers, there are only 1000 inhabitants in 38 settlements. This is an exceptionally picturesque area, with its belvederes and mountain trails along the river Kupa canyon, which also provides various possibilities for fishing, hunting, skiing and cross-country skiing in the winter. The canyon also presents the geographical border between Croatia and Slovenia.

Brod Moravice is also special because the oldest preserved house in Gorski kotar is located there. The house is called Delač and it was built in 1644. There are two more auchthonous highland houses in this area, Ožanić house (1826) and Mance house in Kuti village. This district has great prospects for developing into a true ethno-center in the future, and it is already a very interesting destination for excursionists.
Hunters are welcome in Brod Moravice forests where they can enjoy wild game hunting, while the available accommodation in Lazica hunting lodge will prove to be a unique experience. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to participate in the "Zlatni kotlić" (Golden Kettle) manifestation and socialize surrounded by beautiful nature while preparing venison stew in kettles. Accommodation is also available in private residences, where amiable hosts will offer you a taste of some home-made brandy, excellent cheese and potato dishes, among other local specialties. Many local people use "brinj" blueberries to brew their own curative brandy called "brinjevica".

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